10+ Best Laptops for League of Legends (LOL) in 2021

It is quite practical to put forward the point that the fast pacing advent of Industrialization and modernization has occupied the civilization.

Technology nowadays is at it’s peak. Everything that is in your sight is mostly updated. Technology has made lives easier and saved the time in fact. Everyone is aware of how important technology is in the present times and how it has shaped and changed the human lives all around the globe. This technology has blessed the human race with several inventions and will continue to do that in the coming times too.

If you aren’t updated just like the software of your phone you too are considered outdated. 

One such blessing of technology is LAPTOP .

It’s advantages are known to all. It has even been termed as the greatest invention by man. 

Laptop has not become a luxury rather a necessity in today’s times. It’s what all have or want to have to make their work life easy, for fun or for binge watching. 

So whenever one goes to a store to buy a laptop the options might confuse one and the customer ends up buying the wrong product which would later be the cause of concern and regret all at once.

And moreover most people often struggle online to search for the best available options because no one wants the better option but only the best. 

This is a article that brings you forward the best laptops available in the market or online so that you don’t scratch your head anymore. 

So already enough of struggling to see what’s the best for you because this article is here to solve your problem and make all your worries go away with providing you the best available options with some of their pro and cons.

Here’s super quick best 3 suggestions for you.

Value For Money
Macbook Air

  • Lightweight
  • Sleek Design
  • Handle heavy tasks with ease
Most Affordable
Asus Vivobook Flip 14

  • Lightweight
  • Great Design
  • 360 degree flippable
Lenovo Yoga Slim 7

  • Trusted Brand
  • Great aftersales
  • Flippable Screen

List of best laptops for league of legends

  • Lenovo Ideapad D330-10IGM 81H300ENIN
  • HP PAVILION x360 Core i3
  • HP 14 Thin & Light 14-inch FHD Laptop
  • Acer Swift 3 13″
  • HP Pavilion Gaming DK0271TX
  • Lenovo Legion Y540
  • Lenovo Yoga Slim 7
  • Dell Inspiron 15 5509 Laptop
  • ASUS VivoBook Flip 14
  • Apple Macbook Air Core I5

Individual Reviews

Lenovo Ideapad D330-10IGM 81H300ENIN

Lenovo is a company that has gained the trust of it’s customers with it’s great service and products. 

It is an ideal laptop with a much affordable price. It is a detachable laptop with Stylus within quite your budget. So if you’re looking for a perfect price of laptop with all features then it’s a good one. It has often been ranked a great and perfect buy. If you are looking for something like a tablet combined with all the features of a laptop then you need not to worry because this laptop will surely solve that problem. 

It is 15.6 inch wide laptop that is perfectly stylish and suitable to meet your needs you’re looking for to fulfil in buying a laptop of your choice. 


  • Windows 10 pro and 4GB RAM. 
  • It is rich in it’s operations , small in size, easy to handle , has the combination of both tablet and laptop. 


  • The battery might be a little disappointing end because of it’s fast draining capacity.

HP PAVILION x360 Core i5

The laptops of HP come with a mark of excellent quality and performance without a doubt. 

HP brought this range of Pavilion laptops which is a great deal at an affordable price. 

This laptop has many exciting features but the best is that this laptop has the flexibility which other laptops lack. What’s  more exciting than a laptop that bends backwards for you has a 14 inch display with a great and long lasting battery. Smooth and Stylish look of this laptop by HP will make you go all awestruck and give you a feeling that of grandness. This is a fair buy for you giving you access to a great comfortable keyboard and the processor will too amaze you. With windows 10 and a 1.59kg weight it is a laptop worth the price.


  • three sided micro edged display 
  • it has a  touch screen feature which is a great deal at this price 


  • One worrying issue is the storage capacity of this laptop which is 256GB which can be the issue if you want to store more data.

HP 14 Thin & Light 14-inch FHD Laptop

This laptop is such a convenient buy. This has all the qualities worth it’s price.

Easy to handle such a light and thin weight makes it easy to be carried by you comfortably without any complaints. It has a micro edge bezel design, so thin and with great storage quality. It’s 14inch HD display will make you appreciate your buy. The 3 cell 41Wh Li ion battery is an excellent one. HP invented this laptop to solve the problems of a heavy weight that mostly all laptops possess because it’s sleekness and design will amaze you in ways you have not expected. So don’t think twice before buying it rather go for it simply.

Pros of this laptop 

  • An excellent feature of Alexa built in which is not available in several other laptops 
  • this laptop has an excellent battery life guarantee 

Cons of this laptop

  • No such availability of etheral port
  • No feature of fingerprint sensor 
  • Installing of other Operating system cannot be done.

Acer Swift 3 13″

This is a great laptop.

As the name suggests for the swift working of all your activities and functions it is an ideal choice to go for. This is a handy laptop with excellent features and is proven to be exceptionally good. It has an excellent display, not heavy making it quite convincing buy. It is an Affordable buy. This laptop is  good for workaholics. This laptop comes with great RAM. It has a full fledged resolution. This laptop will stand ahead of several other laptops undoubtedly. 

Pros of this laptop

  • Ultrathin
  • this has a light body
  • it comes with a great battery life.
  • performance based laptop 
  • Widescreen which is a great pro of this laptop
  • LED lighting that attracts you at the first hand

Cons of this laptop 

  • Sound quality may be a problem
  • webcam quality not so good
  • keyboard has a couple of things that may be of concern such as the extreme small size of Escape and Delete keys
  • display is rather a dull one

HP Pavilion Gaming DK0271TX

This is the laptop with best video graphic features and a quite great storage capacity. It is helpful in performing several coding related programmes and provides the best gaming experience for users. This has been the first choice undoubtedly for several game lovers all around the globe within an affordable range. It gives you a great screen of 15.6 inch and Li Ion battery. It gives you the perfect gaming quality in comparison to several other medium ranged laptops. It is a reliable and durable buy. With it’s wide gaming experience it comes for a perfect coding system that will make it aa great buy.

Pros of this laptop

  • gives you the best gaming experience 
  • optimal storage capacity that is a plus point
  • this laptop gives you the best graphic features that make you feel amazing 

Cons of this laptop 

  • Draining battery  
  • takes long for heavy operations sometimes

Lenovo Legion Y540

This has the best graphics and efficient storage capacity. It has an HF variant processor. A laptop that comes under in your budget and is worth the money you spend on buying it. It has inbuilt power control settings with excellent cooling. It will give you an epic gaming experience with windows 10 you’ll not be on the complaining end.  It’s graphics are a great type and life like. Lenovo will not disappoint you with this laptop as it is a recommended buy.

Pros of this laptop 

  • The display quality of this laptop is good
  • Coldfront 2.0 mechanism
  • it is highly portable

Cons of this laptop 

  • not a high performance laptop, it is somewhat ranked in a medium performance based laptops
  • battery drains at a faster rate in comparison to other laptops
  • this laptop comes without a fingerprint sensor

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7

This is an ideal buy if you have an expanding budget. This is an expensive buy but worth the money. It has such a great performance and quality experience. It is a stylish and sleek laptop that will make you stare at it for a little too long. It has a battery life that lasts for more than 17 hours and that’s a great thing about this laptop. It has a rich screen with a cooler CPU and faster one. About 1.3kg, windows 10 it has a sleek and slim body that will be easy for handling it. 

Pros of this laptop 

  • It comes with a hands free login
  • Another great feature of this laptop is it’s Quick and rapid charging 
  • This is a very Fast working laptop 
  • light weight of this laptop is great
  • stylish and sleek

Cons of this laptop 

  • If you’re looking for a laptop that suits your gaming experience then this is not so apt for gaming experience. 
  • It is mainstream laptop
  • Keyboard might not be too comfortable 

Dell Inspiron 15 5509 Laptop

A great laptop by Dell with variety of performance varying features, great graphics, Windows 10, corei5 processor,  good performance, wide screen , HDMI port. It has a great build quality. This is an excellent and ideal buy if you’re searching for performance, great graphics, large screen all in one laptop combined then this is the perfect one and your search will stop here with this buy.

Pros of this laptop 

  • it has a  great battery life long and lasting battery which is a plus point
  • apt for gaming and provides great experience, this gives such an excellent gaming quality and will be an amazing buy
  • great innards

Cons of this laptop 

  • The screen isn’t a great deal if one is looking for a great screen
  • the price of this laptop may be considered as too expensive for the features it comes with in.
  • the number pad is too small which might be a problem
  • it has a slow hard drive

ASUS VivoBook Flip 14

If you’re looking for an affordable portable and convincing buy then this is a must. It’s  convertible feature makes this laptop attractive and interesting. It has core i7 processor which is very great.  You can easily carry this under your arm or in a bag without feeling heavy or worrying about the weight because it can be  easily carried. It has been known for its performance so without a doubt all the questions about the performance of this laptop have to be turned down because of it’s capacity and capabilities.  It is known for it’s productivity. 

Overall system performance is very well appreciated and it is considered a very well laptop. 

Pros of this laptop 

  • This laptop has such a convenient weight to carry. It is very light weight
  • it comes handy
  • It is for sure performance effective
  • nano edge display which is a great feature and not available in several other laptops.
  • this laptop strong and lasting 360 degree hinge which is a great feature.

Cons of this laptop 

  • the laptop has a low sound output which is a matter of concern
  • graphics are not too charming which may be an off point

Apple Macbook Air Core I5

If you’re looking to have apple software  on your table then this laptop is a great choice for you. It comes with a trust and a guaranteed mark of everlasting excellence. It’s high processor performance. It has i5 5th generation processor. It has 1.35 kg weight which makes it easy to carry. It has 13.3 inch screen which is glossy. Such a great buy for sure to suit your purposes.

Pros of this laptop 

  • it is known for it’s Smooth functioning
  • this is a quite high performance laptop
  • this laptop comes with a great battery backup which is a great feature because battery becomes a major concern in many laptops
  • lightweight and handy so you can easily carry it almost everywhere with you

Cons of this laptop 

  • no optical disk drive which is a matter of concern

There comes always a confusion whenever a technology related product is to be bought because not all are engineers or related to the tech field so this article will save you from all the confusion and doubts.

The pointers mentioned i.e. pros and cons of each product and the description of each laptop listed above will help you to make your mind clearer and even will provide you with the information you have been looking for a long time so that you can choose the best laptop to suit your purpose.

Some important pointers to keep in mind before buying a laptop

if you’re a person who travels much for business meetings and several errands  where laptop is taken into consideration then going for a large screen would not be helpful. People traveling much should go for smaller screens while for study purposes and recreational purposes larger screens are recommended. The larger screens help to reduce the stress that falls on the eye due to screen timing so it can be best suited for your children and keep their eyes healthy. 

  • Often people before buying a laptop are confused that what is an ideal and perfect screen size for their laptop. 
  • So the answer is that the best laptop screen is often considered between 12.5 to 13.5 inches.
  • Questions about battery often come up before buying a laptop. The best is 10 hours battery life because it is the ideal battery life that should be considered before buying any laptop. 
  • if the option of a tablet combined laptop is there then it is a great choice , getting the features of 2 things in one is a great deal. So the best thing will be going for a 2 in 1 thing rather one because why not? It is always okay to get more in the same price .
  • often the laptops are operated by some operating systems that help in the smooth functioning and efficiency of a laptop.
  • operating system  impact the working of your laptop on aa whole so it becomes really important to choose the right one.
  • Window10, Mac and chrome are the three operating systems in laptops so one has to be particular about one’s preference and before buying a laptop one should be sure about which operating system one should look for.
  • Whenever you buy a laptop try to make sure to check the keyboard of your laptop and see if it fits in your liking. Because a good and smooth working keyboard is a must. 
  • If you’re buying the laptop for a gaming experience or coding then keyword is the most essential part of any laptop so be sure of what you’re buying because it is important for the smooth working of your several functions on a laptop. 
  • The touch screens and sensors are the important and sensitive part of any laptop so one has to check it thoroughly. 
  • Any error in the sensors and screens will affect the over all work process of the laptop making you regret later on and no one would want that to happen. So be precise and thorough while checking the details of the laptop you intend to buy.

An overview into what you’re buying and spending your money on is very important in times like now. 

So this article will give you a full insight on the  best available options so as your worries and struggles before buying a laptop come to an end. Providing you with some of the pros and cons of the 10 listed laptops it will be quite clear for you to make up your mind within some minutes. 

So what’s the worry now?

And so now enough of searching online and overthinking about which laptop should you buy so here this article is at your service to take you out from the dilemma of thinking and buying.

Enough of thinking now because your stress will be blown away by this article that is there at your service to help you with your decision. 

So stop thinking now.

And Go grab your best choice !

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