Work With Adobe Stock Images

Finding the perfect asset for your next project can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to look. The Internet presents several image sources, which makes it more difficult to choose. To help you with your creative needs, we introduce a stock photo website that offers not only high-quality images but also affordable prices – Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock is a stand-alone stock photo site by Adobe. As part of an integrated platform, it has some unique features that makes it worth considering.

  • Large library of images. Adobe Stock has about 100 million stock images in their library. You can find any photo in various categories, such as Technology and Business. All images in their gallery are handpicked by their most inspiring artists. That’s why they make an impression.
  • Creative Cloud integration. The stock site is also deeply integrated with Creative Cloud applications, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. You can find the perfect asset inside your favorite software, preview them inside your designs, then license, access and manage them directly. This saves you a lot of time from reworks.
  • Simple pricing. Adobe Stock has different purchase options to meet your needs, starting with 3 standard assets at $29.99 per month. HD and 4K videos are also available from $79.99 each. You can choose between annual and monthly commitments, whichever suits your creative needs and budget. For content you can’t get with a plan, you can purchase credits to download them.
  • The right license. Adobe Stock images come with the right license that allows you to use them in any project for as long as you like. The Royalty Free License is available for personal and commercial purposes. If you wish to extend your usage rights, you can also get the Extended License for a high price.
  • Free trials. If you are new to the website and skeptical to try it, you can now explore it without making a commitment. Adobe Stock offers a free trial on this post on the first two annual plans, $29.99 and $79.99. All are cancel-risk free within the first month and allows download of additional images anytime. Rollovers are also available, in case you don’t use up all your image downloads.

How do you get the Adobe Stock Free Trial?
The process to get your free images on the first month is easy. Just visit the website and click the “Start Now” button. You can also use this link and click “Start Your Free Month”. Log on to your Adobe Stock account. If you are new to the agency, create an account for free. Fill in your information and payment method to proceed with your purchase. Lastly, click the “Start your free 1-month trial”. That’s it! You’re done.

For a designer, Adobe Stock can be very valuable. They offer variety at very affordable prices, so you can enhance your creative projects without breaking the bank.

What are you waiting for? Try the stock site now and download up to 40 images for free, depending on the plan you choose.

Authentic Stock Photos and Where to Find Them

The secret to creating the perfect design is extraordinary photography. While there are a number of stock photos in the market, not all of them look authentic and unique. Some may even be too “stocky” for your creative projects. To ensure creative success, you need awesome, authentic stock photos. People are now looking for high quality images that speak true of how places and people look and feel. Their intimate, spontaneous and natural style connect people and greatly impact marketing and design. We found this article: where we got some great ideas for this post here.

Where can you download authentic stock photos? Many stock photo agencies have added authentic images to their library, including:

  • Photocase
    Photocase is one of the few stock photo websites that offer stock images, which do not look like stock images. Their unconventional photos have a real-life, aesthetic, and fresh feel – perfect for every theme and design. With an efficient search engine, you can easily find the best photos for your creative needs. Every photo in the library is selected by photo editors, so you can download refreshing images that are not clichéd.

  • iStock Signature
    iStock photos are divided into two collections – Essentials and Signature. If you are looking for images with an authentic feel, you can download them from the Signature collection. In this collection, images have the best quality at affordable prices. All are exclusive to the stock site, so you don’t have to worry about finding the same image at your competitor’s website.
  • Offset by Shutterstock
    If you are looking for authentic images by award-winning artists, this is the place to find them. Offset is a resource for high-end authentic imagery – all royalty-free. The prices are affordable, too. You can create the best designs and tell amazing stories without breaking the bank. All images come with global usage rights and model releases. There’s no limit to your scale, circulation and reach.

  • Westend61
    A German stock photo agency, Westend61 is home to first-class, high-resolution images. Their images cover all kinds of topics and concepts, so you will surely find one that suits your creative needs. Images are prices based on size and are available on demand. They may be more expensive than typical stock images, but they are created by top professionals – making them all worth it.

  • EyeEm
    EyeEm serves as a platform that connects over 20 million artists to creatives all around the world. They have over 100 million royalty-free, authentic stock photos to meet your immediate licensing needs. Their images are perfectly suitable for Instagram posts, too. Priced based on size and use, you can buy stock photos on demand.

Authentic stock photos are now a strong and market-leading trend. Their origins are rooted in mobile technology and social media, so they will not fade away anytime soon. So, raise up your visual game and download authentic stock images. Take your graphics to the next level by buying natural-like images from the five agencies above. Authentic photography will continue to dominate the market in the future. Get ahead of your competitors and use images with aesthetic with your creative projects now.


Why Should You Use Vehicle Wrap Templates?

If you are a graphic designer and wants to start designing wraps, you have probably come across a number of vehicle wrap templates. Many shops are now offering to create these templates to help trim the steps of the design process. With so many options available, it is a good idea to partner with a professional vehicle wrap design company that has access to all the templates you need. The best vehicle templates are accurate and with high quality.

Here are a few reasons why you should use templates for your vehicle wrap design:

  • To streamline your processes. Vehicle wraps are a growing trend, which results in many shops offering to provide their design. This can put a strain on your profit margin as you battle for customers with other designers. Templates are a great way to help you streamline your processes and trim the steps in the design.
  • To save time and energy. Vehicle wrap templates allow you to go into your software (Adobe Illustrator for example), and place the designs and graphics to the vehicle. Your client can then proof your designs on the template before printing and cutting them out. This saves you time in the proofing stage and on ink-and-printer time, tied up with extra
  • samples.
  • Templates are exactly to spec. You can find vector-based templates on the internet with photos and measurements of various vehicles. For instance, you are working on a Toyota Prius, you can find a template and design the necessary graphics on top of it. But, be sure to check out your client’s car too to find out if customizations have been done before you go to your printer.
  • They are as detailed and as accurate as possible. Even the little things such as gas cap doors and vehicle badges are included in the best vehicle templates. This gives you an accurate grasp of how your design will look like.
  • To design like you are doing it right on the vehicle. Vehicle wrap templates are scaled to manufacturer specs. They are made a 1:10 scale, making it easier to convert them into full scale. When working with your software, you can see all the body lines and curves of the vehicle. There are no extra works to clip things out.
  • To increase your profits. Templates are pretty handy if you are selling the job. You can show your clients what their vehicle is going to look like and make it like that. Even if the vehicle isn’t in your possession, you can still design and output everything you need to do the job.

Using vehicle wrap templates is recommended to graphic designers, like you, because of these undeniable benefits. Websiste like,they help you save time and energy by streamlining the design process. They can even help increase your profits as they are affordable, too. But, do not rely solely on them. It is still best to see the car for customizations. You don’t want to recreate your designs when you find out that your client has a modified bumper, do you? Most importantly, communicate with your clients and consider their needs. Remember, they are the ones you have to satisfy.

What are Stock Photo Sites?

The creative community is growing larger day by day. Many designers and graphic artists are becoming part of the bigger and better creative world. You might be wondering where they are getting all the tools they need to create a work of art. Well, most of them download images from resource sites.

Stock photo sites are websites of companies that offer stock photos (existing photos that you can license with a fee to be used in various ways). While it’s true that you can find free images from search engines, they come with a certain risk. Cheap Stock Photos websites, on the other hand, sell images along with the right license to protect you from copyright problems down the road. They allow you to use the images the way you want, as long as it’s within their accepted terms.

Here are some of the most popular stock photo sites in the market today:

  • Adobe Stock
  • Depositphotos
  • Getty Images
  • iStock
  • Photocase
  • Stock Photo Secrets
  • Shutterstock

You can use the stock images from these stock photo agencies in most commercial, editorial and personal purposes. The Royalty Free license allows you to use them in a wide range of ways, while Rights Managed limits you to one use per license. Both licenses allow you to use the stock photo as part of a greater design. But, you cannot use them and sell them as they are.

If you wish to know more about stock photo sites, visit Stock Photo Secrets is your one-stop shop for everything stock. You will find reviews of the best stock photo sites on the websites. Use them to compare and decide on which suits your creative needs and budget best.

What else can you find in Stock Photo Secrets?

  • The website does not only include reviews on stock photo agencies, they also sell stock photos and videos. Yes, they have over 4 million high quality, royalty free content in their library. You can purchase them all with a subscription or through credit packages. The most popular plan is the 99 Club, which comes with 200 XXL downloads per year for only $99. Extended licenses are also available in the website.
  • Buyers’ Guide. To help you make better decisions about where to buy, SPS has a buyers-guide section where you can find all the information you need about your favorite stock photo agency. Whatever your project is, you will surely find the section helpful.
  • Free Stuffs. SPS is also a place to find free photos and vectors. You don’t have to risk your reputation and hard earned money by downloading photos from Google. If you have a limited budget, check out the website and find out where you can get legally safe yet free stuffs.
  • Another best thing about SPS is their coupons. Yes, the stock site offers coupons to their avid readers, allowing you to save more. They are regularly given exclusive access by major stock photo agencies to some of the greatest deals in the market. You can save up to 30% on your favorite stock photo website.

Now that you know what stock photo sites are, be sure to download the images for your next project from them. If you haven’t chosen a primary image source, check out Stock Photo Secrets and read their detailed reviews on the top stock photo websites in the market.