When to Use and Not to Use Photos for Instagram

Are you wondering if you can use stock photos for Instagram? Well, you are not alone. Many are also contemplating whether it’s a good idea to use stock images on their Instagram account or not. In the past, this is not entirely possible. The social media network clearly states in their Terms of Service that only content you owned and created can be posted on your account. However, all of these changed when re-gramming and other photo sharing practices were introduced.

Now, Instagram states that you are solely responsible for your conduct. You are legally responsible for the following in your account:

  • Data
  • Text
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Profiles
  • Other content materials you post or display in Instagram

So if you post something you don’t have the legal rights to, you will face the legal consequences of that course of action.

So, does Instagram allow you to post stock photos in your account?
The answer is yes. You can post anything in your Instagram account without breaking their Terms of Service. But, that does not mean you can use any image you find in the Internet. This means you can’t just download a great image from Google and assume you have the rights to use it. You need to consider a lot of things such as copyrights and releases. You can’t just post content owned by somebody else to represent your brand or your profile.

That’s why it is best to get your images from a reputable stock photo site. Stock photos for Instagram are royalty-free. They come with the right license that allows you to use them in any project for as long as you like. You don’t have to worry about the copyright police chasing your back. When you purchase stock images, you are verifying that you acquired the rights to use them for personal and commercial purposes.

What’s the best website to download photos for Instagram?
Out of the many stock photo sites in the market, what should you consider as your primary image source? You may want to check out Photocase. The website is based in Berlin and features a collection fit for Instagram. Their library is purposely small compared to other stock photo agencies, but they offer only unique and authentic images at the highest quality. You will not find overly produced stock photos there. If you are looking for artsy, modern and natural like images, this is the stock site for you!

At Photocase, you can download images in two ways: credit packages and on demand.

  • Credit Packages. Credits are like a prepaid system. You load up them up to your account, so you can download photos for your project. The larger the pack you purchase, the bigger your savings. Thus, it is recommended that you buy at least 100 credits to get the best value.
  • On Demand. When you buy photos on demand, you are paying based on the size of the image you need for your creative projects as well as other extra rights you need. Photocase has three on demand packages that fits everything you need.

Another great place to download photos for Instagram is Stock Photo Secrets. Their 99 Club offer is a great way to download 200 images of up to XXL sizes at the very low price of $99.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill your Instagram account with high quality, unique images that you don’t have to worry about.